Coming January 1, 2019! REG Expands to Iowa & Tennessee

New Rail and logistics services, including car storage, at the Commerce Center of Southeast Iowa and the Milan Commercial Complex. 7,000 Carspots • Plastic Transloading • Warehousing • Specialized Logistics Services and more. Download a PDF introducing the new railroads here:

At Rail Enterprise Group our mission is to provide safe, innovative, and reliable transportation, logistics, and site selection services for customers, partners, and the communities in which we operate.

Companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 industries to family-owned businesses have benefitted from our long-term outlook for growth. Our business model combaines extensive industry knowledge, creative use of infrastructure, and a proven track record of creating value for site owners by co-marketing the site and bringing customers to the industrial parks that we are located at. We are proud of our safety record and of our "Customer First", customer service program.