Rail Enterprise Group’s two railroads are industry leaders in bulk transloading services. Much of our infrastructure has been modernized to accommodate the specific requirements of our bulk products customers. Our total number of carspots - both active transloading and storage-in-transit - are unequalled by any other shortline. The Raritan Central has 250 bulk transloading carspots and 150 storage-in-transit carspots. The Pennsylvania & Southern has 100 bulk transloading carspots and 650 storage-in-transit carspots.

This extensive capacity enables our railways to handle even the largest shipments. Customers who use our transloading and bulk transfer facilities enjoy guaranteed car spots, complete car/inventory tracking, and storage-in-transit capabilities free for the first thirty days.

In addition to our rail infrastructure, our operations are backed by some of the best 3PL services available in the country. Rail Enterprise Group locations feature cross docking, warehousing, trucking and distribution services provided by some of the most respected names in the industry. The business parks we serve can also accommodate individual needs for warehouse or manufacturing space, as well as outdoor storage areas.

  • We specialize in plastic transloading and can handle all types of resins and plastics in hopper cars, containers, and FIBCs
  • Packaging services from 3PL partner Plastic Express have a transfer rate from railcars of over 55,000 pounds/hour
  • Bagging, palletizing, shrink wrap services available
  • Separate facilities capable of handling PVC to ensure non-contamination of product
  • Transloading and distribution using multiple 3PL partners
  • Import/Export services available through the Port of NY&NJ
  • Commodities handled include animal feed, grains, corn, soybeans, and hay in both hopper cars and boxcars
  • Indoor and outdoor transloading operations
  • New Jersey features close proximity to New York City markets as well as import/export through the Port of NY&NJ
  • Chambersburg is central to the extensive farming regions in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia
  • Liquid or bulk food-grade products can be handled at our food-grade transloading area.
  • Commodities handled include corn syrup, flour, sugar, and more
  • 3PL partners have a full range of transloading/ transportation options available.
  • Other commodities we are able to handle include fertilizers, talc, salt, sand and other aggregates, and more
  • Transloading areas can be customized to fit individual needs
  • 3PL partners available to handle almost every transloading, trucking, packaging, or warehousing requirement.